J Tuzo Wilson was a Canadian scientist whom every Canadian should know. I realize not all of us are Geo-Geeks, but the contributions this man made to our understanding of how the world works are immense. I remember first hearing of him in Mr Krummins’ Gr 11 Physical Geography course in 1978-79 and was fascinated. I imagine we watched Planet of Man, too.
In his blog post, Ron Miksha clearly explains the importance of “Tuzo”.

The Mountain Mystery

“Tuzo’s dead.” That was the first time I’d ever heard of Tuzo. It was April 1993 and I wondered who – or what – Tuzo was. Now he was dead. I had already completed my University of Saskatchewan geophysics degree but I couldn’t recall hearing about Canada’s greatest geophysicist. My ignorance was my own fault.

I had been focused on the theory of geophysics – signal processing, solid Earth dynamics, potential fields, anisotropic conditions, and the like. The professors at Saskatoon’s remarkable university imbued the ingredients that assured my success in science. There was a lot to absorb. At the end of each course, I squeezed my sponge-brain dry and moved on to the next semester. There was no time to indulge in a study of the context and environment of the subjects. Nor had it really occurred to me that some humans somewhere had invented all the geophysical things…

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