Another Interactive – Into the Ocean Depths!

bbcoceanIt appears, BBC has been on an exploration kick by creating interactive websites for us to visit new frontiers , albeit from our armchairs! Last week, I highlighted “How Big is Space?“. Today, we’ll dive to the ocean’s greatest depths with BBC’s website: Ocean Trench: Take a dive 11,000m down.

Perhaps due to its earlier design, Ocean Trench is not quite as immersive (no pun intended) as the How Big is Space? site, as it does not fill the screen. You can always reverse-pinch your trackpad or tablet screen to enlarge the presentation. What I do find interesting is the info-box that travels down the right side as you descend. The background becomes darker and darker as you enter the abyssal depths, and the creatures become more and more interesting.

I know, it’s not geography, exactly, but it does help with one’s understanding of the oceans. For more information on Oceans and Oceanography, have look at > Hydrosphere > Oceans which includes Oceanography.


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