On Hiatus

I’ll be on hiatus from regularly adding articles to the GeoKnow.net blog for at least the next few weeks. In addition to my regular teaching and co-curricular requirements, I have two “projects” that will occupy extra chunks of time.

A week from today, I (along with my wife and a teaching colleague) will be taking 23 SJK students to the Galápagos Islands for 12 days on a conservation service trip. Aside from experiencing the unique wildlife of Galápagos close-up, we will be working with National Park officials to survey bird species within and outside the park to compare species and numbers. As well, we will be involved with the more mundane task of clearing invasive plant species to expand the habitable area for the Galápagos Tortoise population. The service work will be balanced with boating, snorkelling, biking and hiking excursions. After all, when travelling with primarily Gr 8s and 9s, those 5:30am wake up calls for birding need to be offset with some fun-based learning! For me, the trip will be the fulfillment of work I did all those years ago in university whilst in the BSc programme studying zoology, biogeography, evolution and world ecosystems.

The second project requiring more of my time is a little more mundane: I am the Faculty Advisor for our Yearbook crew and much has to be done to meet looming deadlines!

I will do my best to post, but it will be rather sporadic. However, I will take the time to add a trip report and photos from the Galápagos.

Thanks for reading.


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