The last unmapped places on Earth

BBC Future (and all of BBC, actually) is an excellent source of forward thinking articles which often have a basis in Geography. Having taught Geography in England for three years, I can attest to hoimagew well the National Curriculum promotes real Geography – not the soft social studies of the U.S. and Ontario up to Gr 8, but real geographical concepts, both physical and human through Years 7, 8 & 9 and into GCSE and A level. And, a surprising number take Geography through GCSE and A level despite it being optional. So, it’s no wonder the BBC is such a great source of geography-related articles.

This article – The last unmapped places on Earth – comes from November of last year and takes an in-depth look at some of the history of mapping, the inherent bias of cartographers and where mapping is headed. Yes, it’s Geo-geek-speak, but that’s what makes it so pleasurable to read. It’s not been dumbed down (too much) for the Geo-challenged.


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