NASA EO: The Global Spread of Bare Ground

Sad, but true – there is an increasingly significant loss of vegetation cover which is being replaced by bare ground. Perhaps unsurprisingly to geographers, 35% of the new bare ground is in China due to rapid urbanization and transportation developments, whereas in the US (#2 with 17% of the increase) much of the loss is due to resource extraction.

Visit the NASA EO Image of the Day page to see detailed maps and a more complete analysis.

By the way – if you are not already familiar with the NASA Earth Observatory website, do have a look. It is a fascinating examination of the world using remote sensing techniques along with insightful features and global maps.


Ships designed to ship other shipping ships

ShippingHere’s one for the GeoTransportation page, but don’t let that stop you from reading on…

The National Geographic Education Blog has a great write up and accompanying videos on Container Shipping. I know, your eyes are glazing over – but before they do, have a look. It’s actually an intricate process and one that demands an incredible understanding of logistics: planning and co-ordinating cargo to fill each ship, planning and co-ordinating the routes of all the myriad ships plying the waters and timing their entrances to such bottlenecks as the Suez and Panama Canals, not to mention off-loading and filling the same ship up with different cargo for a new destination.

As I said above, I have added this link to the Transportation page of And, while you’re there, you will see the live feed for FlightRadar24 – an app that tracks ALL (well, almost all) flights around the world. Guess what? There’s one for shipping, too. Head over to ShipFinder to discover all the ships that ply the waters of the world in (almost) real time. Fascinating!