Excellent Carbon Cycle video from the WMO

The World Meterological Organization has created this very short, very helpful video on the carbon cycle:

The Carbon Cycle


NASA CO2 Visualization

I feel like I’ve been asleep at the wheel having missed this excellent video of CO2 emissions over a period of one year. Very helpful, as is the accompanying text.

 NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide

And, have a look at this one, quite similar, but more dynamic, from Vox.

Ancient world’s uncovered as Siberian permafrost melts

A fascinating glimpse of thousands of years of climate data and biota is being revealed as the world’s largest mega slump or thermokarst develops in Siberia. The Batagaika Crater is north of Irkutsk, Russia and is exactly what climate scientists have been predicting from the increased warming in the Arctic – and is a classic example of positive feedback.

Read more at ScienceAlert.com

Climate change causes glacial river in Yukon to change direction

from CBC News…

Glacier retreated so much that its meltwater switched course, in an event not documented in modern times.

Climate change has caused the massive Kaskawulsh Glacier in the Yukon to retreat so much that its meltwater abruptly switched direction, in the first documented case of “river piracy” in modern times.

Instead of flowing into the Slims River and then north to the Bering Sea, the water has changed course and now flows south toward the Kaskawulsh River, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean, scientists have found.  Read more…


Weekend Wandering 11: EarthLabs

EarthLanbsCongratulations to Carlton College in Minnesota. Through their Science Education Resource Lab (SERC), they have created dozens of Earth Science labs on their EarthLabs website. The labs are designed for high school students to discover, in their words…

What could be cooler than learning about the planet you live on?

The labs are all online with numerous links to data, graphics and animations.

Even better, they have a corollary site EarthLabs for Educators as a guidebook for teachers using the labs. Included are State and National Science Teaching Standards to make it easier to link the labs into courses.

Take a few minutes or, indeed, a few hours to wander through…


Just added – El Niño page

New El Nino page on GeoKnow.net
New ElNino page on GeoKnow.net

As we are in the midst of another El Niño, and the affects are being felt far and wide, I thought GeoKnow.net should reflect that by adding a page devoted to it. There are graphics, videos and links to many sites to help us understand the phenomenon and how it affects people.


El Niño and this strange weather we’re having

ElNinoUnprecedented warm weather here in southern Ontario reminds us of the El Niño weather pattern creating it. Here are some backgrounders just added to the main page of GeoKnow.net:

From National Geographic:

CBC’s take on this:

And, just in case you missed it…

Happy Christmas everyone!