Plastic bottle deposit scheme in UK proving hit with shoppers

Article from The Guardian

Plastic bottle deposit scheme in UK proving hit with shoppers

We must start somewhere. While it would be better to reduce plastic to zero, the goal is not realistic. Plastic bottles are much lighter than the alternative I grew up with: glass. Less weight means reduced transportation costs. And, since both can be recycled, it’s time now we adopt the means for recycling we had when I was a kid: adding a deposit charge which can later be refunded when returned. It works well (not perfectly) for beer bottles and cans and wine & liquor bottles here in Ontario. It should definitely be extended to ALL plastic bottles.

Great debatable question here: Why are we NOT doing this in Ontario? (Canada, or wherever you are)


Population densities in Canadian cities compared to other world cities

Canada desperately needs to raise the density of our urban areas to protect the surrounding farmland and natural areas. We’ve been living in this dreamworld of never-ending land (and resources) and need to really begin planning for restrained growth.

This Fraser Institute study examines Canada’s urban densities and compares them to densities in other cities around the world. Livability starts with increasing densities with corresponding increases in efficiencies, especially in the transport and service sectors.

Have a read of:

Room to Grow: Comparing Urban Density in Canada and Abroad by Josef Filipowicz