More on overtourism…

Excellent CBC article from the Sunday Edition (January 2019)

and the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reports Executive Summary – excellent reading and research doc (12 pages)

From the World Economic Forum, January 2019:

Also…from August 2017


Birth tourism – an aspect of tourism we don’t often consider

A NY Times article on birth tourism in Canada – where it’s legal. A good debatable question, too. Should it be?

‘Birth Tourism’ is legal in Canada. A lawmaker calls it unscrupulous.

More Birth Tourism sources:

Overtourism: One Solution

Mass Tourism is plaguing the planet. With a burgeoning world middle class, more and more people want to take advantage of cheaper flights (yes, Canada! 🙂 ) and accommodations to see the vast and varied world around them. Iceland is being over-run, citizens of Barcelona and Venice are fed-up with tourists and the same can be said for countless other places, like the Louvre in Paris with its famous Mona Lisa.

Well, some places are doing something about it. Differential pricing helps, to some extent, as does timed-entry tickets, to move more patrons from the peak to shoulder seasons and times. Other places invoke strict quotas. Here’s what the Azores are doing. The irony is, it’s being reported by Condé Nast Travel, one of the very reasons why popular places are so over-run in the first place…

How the Azores Will Hold Off the Crowds and Stay a Natural Wonder