World Fragility

This year’s Index of Global “fragility” (as reported in the Economist)has been released by the Fund for Peace (FfP) and it quite-well reflects the shifting political landscape around the world. Good news for Canadians – we are seen as being more stable this year than last. For obvious reasons, the US is sliding as are North Korea, Turkey and Brazil.

The graphics in the article make for a great lesson starters for Geopolitics, Media and Politics in general.

Fagile States Index


BBC: Richest 1% to own more than rest of world, Oxfam says


Warning: Political views expressed below…

Wow! Can you believe it? 1% of people own (almost) ½ the world. It just doesn’t seem right.

What is especially galling is how in countries with full democracies like Canada, the UK, Western Europe, USA, Australia, etc., the gap between the rich and poor is growing ever so wider. It is, perhaps, understandable in a dictatorship or in a one-party state or in a kleptocracy like Russia’s (oops, oligarchy or plutocracy), but in a full democracy? And it’s not getting wider because the poor are getting poorer – they can’t get much poorer! –  but rather the middle class is getting poorer. I have no hard evidence to back it up, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

So when you vote, in your full democracy, be sure to ask yourself: who are you really voting for? For Joe and Jill Average like you and me, or for continuing this trend towards the rich getting richer?

For more on this – read the original Oxfam Report and about the Gini Index at: